The Culprit and Dr. Seuss

Hey 👋 hello! After all these exciting and inspiring updates from #runsisruncom sis Judith, it’s about time that I post an update! Which I am doing mid-Xmas-shopping and post-gymworkout with a Starbucks holiday cup in my hand.

I haven’t been sitting still, but had to give my Garmin some rest with my need for running speed. As you might remember, my last run in the Netherlands two weeks ago ended suddenly when my toes and forefoot acutely hurt. I took off from running, took some Advil, cross-trained and every day the foot felt a bit better, but there were symptoms that felt like either a sprain in my toes or stress fracture in the metatarsals paired with inflammation. Last Thursday I was finally able to see the foot doctor; it’s no joke in a city full of weekend warriors and a huge running community comprised of all levels, to see a specialist pronto… but thankfully Thursday was my turn and Dr. Rosen was as nice and professional as 3.5 years ago when I was plagued with a stress fracture. So we looked at the x-rays, and I didn’t see a thing. Neither did he, so on to the next test and possible culprit: a Morton’s Neuroma! It sounds like a Dr. Seuss title, but it’s not so cute. It was hard to find and only the beginning of one, so I’m hopeful this is a one time event and not something chronic. Dr. Rosen explained some more, made a custom little sleeve/brace to take some pressure off the ball of the foot and recommended to look into some wider toe-box shoes with a bit more cushioning/shock absorption, which means I’ll be paying a visit to a JackRabbit Running Store soon to test some out. And thank goodness each day is less painful, I can wiggle my toes again and today at New York Sports Club I tried the treadmill for two minutes and things are not getting worse. I will just wait a little longer to get rid of the inflammation and find proper running shoes before I resume running. It stinks for sure, and it’s an injury I least expected, but some reading up on it made me realize I probably caught it early enough and I’m not alone with this predicament. For those who don’t know, it’s an impingement of the nerve between the 3rd & 4th toe creating pressure which makes landing on the ball of your foot painful as well as the toes, they were stiff in my case and the pain was radiating down the metatarsals. Injuries always make me cranky.  thankfully I never had anything chronic or severe that put me out for a long time, but I definitely had some to deal with.Usually overuse related and in this case I also understand that having a bunion, wider feet, narrow shoes or socks, high heels but also stepping on a pebble or something tiny, can all cause this and it happens more in women’s feet, and non-runners can develop them too. There are ways to prevent this and I actually think that the very paper thin soles on the boots I was wearing recently caused this, but I won’t know for sure and going forward I’ll just be more careful. Meanwhile I’m going hard in the gym and killing it on the spin bike.

Because I need that sweat life and I need those endorphins and I need to be top torquer. (And Yes sometimes I need to sit down!) Curious if you any readers have dealt with a Morton’s Neuroma before and what helped for you? Did it completely go away or did you make some modifications to continue running? Merry Xmas you all and I’ll see you out on the roads soon, I hope!

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